Monday, December 28, 2009

I will admit it I am in love with the toadies.

It is probably one of my favourites off the newer album, and is so very good live.
and then there is the title track. not my favourite toadies track but awesome live.

I will admit I listen to the Toadies a lot, but today is getting a little out of hand. Like we are talking when I ran out of studio/live recordings of their to listen to (77ish songs if you count singles, released as "albums" plus various youtube live recordings) I switched over to Burden_Brothers which is fronted by Vaden and thus sounds very familiar, if a little softer.
At the end of the day though no one can fill that soft spot in my heart like Vaden Todd Lewis, Mark Reznicek, Lisa Umbarger, and Clark Vogler could. Although Doni is definitely growing on me.
So some of that may come across a little gay, but seriously. The Toadies are amazing.

He plays one role

But he plays it pretty well

kinda want to see this.

from photography is not a crime.

One of the blogs I check on a very regular basis is photography is not a crime usually to keep up on my first amendment photographers rights cases and the occasional police brutality article. Yesterday, however, he posted this bit of awesomeness.


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Because I havent been posting nearly enough weird shit in the past few days

I clearly have the wrong hobbies.

Just a tiny bit of time on the website Hawtness has taught me that clearly the ridiculously cute women are nerdy, which is kinda hot in of itself.

Of course this girl sells silencers. So maybe I should just get more into the whole shooting thing. (P.S. for a blog waay cooler. Advanced Armament Corp.)

Friday, December 25, 2009

its Christmas!

because you didn't already feel awkward.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear fellow Virginians,

          We really don't get much snow so on Sunday I really wasn't that mad when you were confused. On Monday, I thought well they must not have been out on Sunday and just didn't know what to expect. On Tuesday it was obvious that you had been a little bitch and called out on Monday and all this salt and slush frightened you. But today, today is Wednesday, today there is no excuse, today the major roads are 99.9% plowed and salted, today your fellow drivers are driving like they didn't finish drivers ed last week.  Yet you, you for some reason have chosen to drive ten miles under the already low speed limit. You have forgotten that if on the off chance you do hit a patch of ice slamming on the breaks will only make things worse. You have forgotten to go into 90* turns at a slower than normal speed when going from a plowed to un-plowed road. You have decided that the snowbank on the side of the road looks like an excellent place to attempt to bypass traffic, instead of waiting like your fellow more rational drivers.You are an idiot.

How is it that on my very short trip from Bealeton to Manassas today I saw two idiots fuck up their day, one of which appeared to be major in that a car had its whole front end crushed in facing the wrong way in a parking lot entrance? The other minor in that some asshat decided rather than waiting to make his turn like everyone else, bypassed traffic by popping his 4x4 up on the snow bank was a great idea. Fortunately captain douche wipe got stuck.

Tomlinson had the right idea, dumb people deserve hatchets.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baileys Irish Cream and Coke

The moment the coke hit the Baileys I knew that this was either going to be awesome or a let down. Almost immediately the foaming action started. This in theory sounds awesome what would be better than foamy minty alcoholic coke?

Apparently a lot of things. While the foam bit wasn't bad, it wasn't very rewarding. Neither was it slacking my thirst, or my mental capacity. Both of which are pretty strong goals right now as there is a mass of snow outside, and I don't own a sled. Anyways the real problems started when I got down to that strange liquid goop that settled at the bottom. It pretty much tasted like paint thinner, only without the pleasant aftertaste. All of this of course left me wishing that I had bought hot chocolate packets while I was out yesterday, and reverted me back to an old favorite. Jameson and coke.

Having read the wiki article I now know what I drank in the Netherlands is known to be lethal, which leads me to believe that I am stronger than a Dutchman. Of course I also learned that there is a drink known as a cement mixer which, defiantly makes me question myself because there is no way I'm even nearly bad ass enough to intentionally have that reaction going on in my mouth.

Long story short, I really need something to do today or it is likely I will poison myself trying to mix Baileys Irish Cream with things to see if it will work. Next attempt Baileys over snow?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Look! They're break dance fighting!

Next year will be a good year. I'm not just saying that trying to be optimistic, but because there are a whole slew of new games coming out.
Arkham Asylum 2, Force Unleashed 2, Halo: Reach.... the list goes on and on. As you may have noticed these are mostly sequels. Get over it, you don't want anything new.

Can somebody please teach me to break dance? It looks awesome.

Anyways, the funny part of that video, is not the video itself (which is funny). Rather, the comments left for it.

Nothing to see here....

If you want to smack me for that terrible pun before the video you can. (not really, i'll probably cry... or pee myself)

I don't know if anybody has noticed, but we (probably just me), are stuck to our phones. I personally love my phone, but not in a creepy way. Today I was struck with a three hour span where I did not have my phone. Then, when i got it working again it didn't want to make calls for me. Needless to say, I was traumatized. Lucky for me, nobody tried to contact me in the few hours I was phoneless. I can attribute this to one of two thing.
1. You were all sleeping (doubtful)
2. Your phone died as well (the more likely of the two)

P.s. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale is like christmas in your mouth.

(zombie blog tomorrow, needed to ramble tonight)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zombie survival guide part 2

DC/ZC is just over a week away now. (which incidentally i posted the wrong like not, the correct link is HERE)

So I bring you part 2 of my survival guide.

2. Why a gun won't save your life.

Seems counter-intuitive doesn't it? But when you really get down to it you can see just how impractical a gun is.

First and foremost, zombies are awesome. So awesome that they almost aren't worth killing(re-killing?). So obviously we have to do something even more awesome to rid ourselves of the inconvenience the present us. It may seem cool to shoot a gun and blow their heads off, blow them up etc... etc... But it really comes down to the fact that with a little training anyone can use a gun. And thats just scary.

Once your dolt of a friend/ survival buddy has a gun you have to rely on them not to shoot you. That means you have to trust them. Obviously this can't be accomplished because at some point or another they will probably betray you, shoot you or just leave you because your a slow ass. You just can't have this.

So now your probably wondering "well gee, what could I possibly use that alleviates me of the problem of this dolt shooting me?"

Two words : Melee weapons.

This may seem like some kind of movie or video game idea, but stick with me here. First and foremost you no longer have to worry about getting shot on accident (or on purpose if no one likes you). Second you look really cool when your carrying a sword, axe, tire iron etc... It's a fact.

So as you can see melee weapons are the obvious solution to all your weapon problems in the impending zombie epidemic. Unless you get caught in a giant horde of them. In which case you will want to check back soon for:

Part 3: Cars, why they will kill you faster than your recently deceased friends.

(as previously stated you probably shouldn't take my advice if a zombie outbreak does occur. Also these tips are not suitable for a bear infestation either)

how andrew spent his summer

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sometimes I have a tendency to obsess to excess.

After having “proof read” this post I feel I should begin by mentioning that I am not sponsored by any product I am about to wax on for several very long paragraphs, but should my preferred company happen to read this I would be very happy to become a spokesperson. I am really quite thin and attractive and would make an excellent face for the franchise to expand.

This is a post about Mayonnaise.

To be specific Dukes Mayonnaise.

To those of you not from the south this may seem like more of my insane ramblings, but not all mayonnaise is created equal. At the very bottom of the tub you have your mayowhips/mayo, basically any mayonnaise where they cant be bothered to spell out the word “Mayonnaise”. Above this you have your whipped mayonnaise, while having proper branding a whipped mayonnaise much like a whipped cream cheese fails to satisfy. Only slightly above this are your average store/off brands, while often economical and usually not terrible these are often too sweet or are slightly off texture wise. One of the most commonly available and more acceptable brands is Hellmann's, none of that light nonsense mind you because light just ain't right, but Hellmanns is a pretty good mayonnaise. They have the texture down, just the right amount of sweetness. Being recognized as on of the first brands of mayonnaise to be bottled and sold commercially, however, I would expect nothing less.

This is not, however, a post about any of these inferior mayonnaises. No this is a post about the Ruler of Mayonnaise. One might be inclined to call it the Duke of Mayonnaise, in fact that is pretty close to what it is since it is Duke's Mayonnaise.  Dukes Mayonnaise was created in 1917 in Greenville, South Carolina a fact which is completely non-essential for this story, beyond the fact that this makes it until recently available almost exclusively in the south, which is relevant.

When I was a kid my family (my mom and thus the rest of us) were vegetarians, something I did not necessarily enjoy. Especially since when ever I was with my Grandparents I was allowed to eat meat. So when this vegetarian ban was lifted by my moving in with my Grandmother (who like most grandmothers to their grandsons is quite possibly the greatest woman to have ever entered my life) at the age of eight I developed an almost unhealthy obsession with turkey sandwiches.

To me the art of making the sandwich was almost as important as eating it. From the bottom one would start with a slice of home made bread (did I mention how amazing my grandmother is? She seriously made bread every weekend so I could use it to make my sandwiches during the week.) only slightly toasted, just enough so that outside of the bread was crisp and had a bit of crunch to it, but not enough to take away from the soft texture that only the best bread can have. Then you would take two pieces of lettuce making sure to only have a slight amount of overhang. This was followed by pickles, it was very important to go lettuce then pickles otherwise your bread would get soggy. Then five slices of turkey breast, followed by one slice of provolone cheese. And finally you would put a large dollop of Duke's Mayonnaise on the top slice of bread enough so that when you squeezed it down atop the sandwich it would almost run over and drip out. This my friends is the perfect turkey sandwich.

After I moved back in with my mom the homemade bread would be replaced by an everything bagel. But the key ingredients remained the same. Right up until 1999 when my family made the wacky decision of moving to Fauquier, prior to this I had lived predominantly in Richmond where Duke's was in every store, and in Vienna/Fairfax City where at the time it was available if you looked. In this new setting though it seemed to be part of the south Duke's was horrifically missing, and I was forced to settle on blue ribbon (hellmann's). At first this was a hard change for me, one that bothered me each and every time I ate a sandwich, coleslaw, broccoli or eggs (yes I used to put mayonnaise on my broccoli and eggs).

As time went by, however, I slowly began to forget about my childhood love affair with Duke's Mayonnaise. Reminiscing on it from time to time when a discussion of premier condiments was raised. For a point I even believed that Duke's must surely have been discontinued, having bounced around the state and country and not seeing it available. This was until tonight, when while shopping for my new sandwich obsession (tuna fish gross I know but it is so Delicious) I noticed proudly displayed in the mayonnaise section Duke's Mayonnaise needless to say I immediately was filled with a sense of both longing and nostalgia and though I have half a container of the inferior Hellmann's at home I purchased a one qt bottle of this manna from the southern gods and took it to a loving home.

The question of course at this point being does Duke's Mayonnaise, live up to my childhood memories or will it like the playground behind Flint Hill Elementary school let me down after all these years. The answer is no, no it does not. Its texture, leaves nothing to be desired, it is the perfect balance of being creamy without being to heavy and bogging the sandwich down. And as remembered it is not a sweet mayonnaise, instead having a subtle taste that adds that perfect kick to the taste buds but doesn't leave a lingering aftertaste. It balances out my simple turkey sandwich. although over the years I have also come to enjoy adding shredded carrots to the mix from time to time, and using the pickles that are long slices instead of the little circles. This is my childhood in edible form, and oh my is it delicious.

Monday, December 7, 2009

MIKE O'Meara!
Mike and the guys are back with Oscar in tow as well! Go Listen! NOW!

lorne michaels obviously reads this blog.

Also I have no idea who Blake Lively is beyond IMDB telling me she has been in a lot of movies I have no interest in watching, but she looks very nice in a red dress.
Also  I really don't like Bill Hader at all. He is not funny. Seriously. He makes a terrible animal, he makes a terrible Custer, he is all around a terrible impressionist, and not a funny comedian. If you are only going to play one roll and pretend it is multiple at least be good at it. Being loud and obnoxious isn't funny by the third time I've seen it. I hate Kenan Thompson but at least he tries to play different characters every time, and honestly the majority of the reason I cant stand him is every time he talks all I can hear is "Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?". Which in his defence though a terrible movie is predominantly my sisters fault because after she saw it there was a solid month where that was her catch phrase.

Man, I totally forgot how awesome teenage driven comedies were back in the day. No where in that entire sketch did anyone break out into song or worry about being preggo. Seriously guys, I am over the singing teenagers and you are all just encouraging them by watching this nonsense...I watched this "Glee" that you all love so much. The story line is idiotic and predictable, the renditions of songs disappointing, and they are trying far too hard.
Moral of the story you need to watch better tv
here is your veiwing list for the week.
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Modern Family
30 Rock
Minor deviations from this list are permissible only if it is a long running show, does not involve singing, and at least over half of the cast is over the age of 25. Cartoons are allowed if they do not involve four main characters that always get themselves into wacky situations full of  nonsequiturs, and there is no chance of a cartoon upskirt/downblouse.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bring it around town... bring it around tooooowwnn!

In light of DCZC being just around 2 weeks away, I will be giving advice on how to survive a zombie invasion. (disclaimer: if zombies ever do happen, i'm sorry if this advice doesn't help) I will be giving said advice every few days for the next few days. (Cheap way of making it look like i'm writing a lot) So without further ado, i bring you part 1 of my zombie survival guide.

1. Always bring someone along that you can run faster than/ don't care about.

Now this may seem cruel hearted but given the circumstances you will need to do whatever it takes. Besides, I'm sure you would rather not be eaten.

Whats that you say? You don't have anyone you can bring with you that fits that description? Well in that case you may need to look to friends of friends and/or spouses of friends. Said friends may be mad at you at first but they will thank you later when they come out of the zombie apocalypse unscathed. Just remind them that they were to good for him/her, or that their brother was a real dick.

If all else fails and you are desperate for someone slower than you in your group you may need to resort to injuring whoever you like the least. Again, this may seem cruel, but the ends justify the means. It also helps if you can get another person in your group to believe what you are doing is the right choice. Strength in numbers.

That is it for the first tip in my Zombie survival series... more to come. In the mean time head over to DC Zombie Crawls website: .

Now onto to other more important things.

Duck face. I thought i had covered this issue enough last time I wrote about it, but I guess not. People that I thought were friends have started dating/seeing/becoming duckfacers. Cut it out.
That is all on that.

Why are people convinced they are Mayan shamans?

Unless you look like the above picture, you are not a Mayan shaman. Sure, my research for what one looks like may only be Google image searching Mayan shamans, but i feel like thats more time and effort than you have put into finding out what they look like.

Maybe one day this blog will be read by more than 5 people. That would be pretty sweet. But, until then.....

I say good day sir!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Why you dont play I spy with cats

"It's like Cryogenic Napalm"

Dear Lord I think I've found that fun thing I want to do this weekend. 

when I googled "Cryogenic" to make sure I was spelling it right another site had a comment under the video that said "Haha, when you said cryogenic napalm I instantly wanted to make it." I agree.
Ive always been a little bit of a pyro, nothing serious although Andrew and I did once light snow on fire. But now, having watched about thirty videos of things being frozen I think I almost might be converted into a Cryo. of course, it is possible that its not fire or freezing that I am obsessed with but destruction. Actually I am pretty sure its destruction.

pretty slick. except for the whole being on camera thing.

Apparently if you rob a bank with a note the best way to avoid being found guilty is to eat the evidence. Too bad cops have dash cams. Oh and he had the bag of money and exploded dye packs in his car.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I miss the old Muppets.

Seriously I miss the muppets. Does anyone own the old movies? Like I'm thinking a great Muppet caper. Yeah Im that kind of old school. Hah. No but seriously when I was a kid Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem  were totally my favorites, only topped by Gonzo the Great, this sounds retarded but I thought he was so awesome. I totally identified with his not knowing who he was and where he fit into everything and even though that bothered him being proud of it at the same time. Whats weird about the muppets and my love of them though was that I was afraid of the fraggles. Im pretty sure it was because there were monsters in fraggle rock who wanted to eat things. Along those same lines I was afraid of shiny town station or whatever Thomas the tank engine is really called because of the tiny conductor and the people inside of the jukebox. Small people make me nervous. This is of course something you cant go around advertising because then dwarfs are offended not only because you called them a midget but that they make you nervous because you cant trust people who are that small.
You know who is small and cool though? Reducto from Harvey Birdman. if you don't know Harvey Birdman I am disappointed in you. I don't even have cable and I know that show.
this is a lot of content. and not much video. so.
Im done

Monday, November 30, 2009


This video makes me want one so very very much. as in would totally consider putting myself in more debt to own an instrument I dont even know how to play. or if I would be able to play.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy holidays you bastards

It's time for the holidays yet again, and yet again we wonder where the hell the year went. Or we just don't care and eat a lot and get fat. Either way i guess. Anyways, to get you in the mood for turkey here's this:

mmmmmmm. turkey. delicious!

Have a good thanksgiving folks.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im actually Way excited for this.

I only hope It doesn't become a gross out gore out. type of movie.

thats the problem with a lot of the newer zombie/horror movies is they started thinking who needs a plot when I can show you a naked girl chop her in half and then have some one later make a joke when her still naked corpse trys to eat the lonley virgin?

everything i touch(write) is pure gold

While it may seem that this has become nothing more than a way for kaze to post videos, this is not the case.
1. Because I haven't made an effort to figure out how to post videos yet, and
2. Because I know you all (all 12 of you followers) hang on every word I write.

You may be thinking that I'm pretty full of myself right now. To be honest you would be right, except for its not just right now that I'm full of myself, it's all the time.

I will now take this time to bring an epidemic to your attention. No, not the swine flu. Or anything to serious for that matter. I wouldn't want to make this blog too tasteless. No, the epidemic I bring to the table is this:


Cut it out... seriously. I'm not sure of any kind of legal things or whatever, but go to and check it out. I reccomend pointing out how stupid people look when they do it to everyone you know. Friends, family, whoever. We need to stop this in its tracks. Also pink shirts and emo haircuts. People need to stop that too. I'm talking to you kid in the back of the picture.

Also, ducks just plain suck. There is only one way to remedy this and that is by cross breeding them with a cooler animal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you :

That is all for tonight though.
I love you

(not really)


a post about jay z for some reason?

I like Modern Love better but I can't find a good video for it.

the important thing here though Is BlocParty is awesome. Like ten kinds.

I get internet tomorrow, as long as I dont puss out... which honestly is always a possibility I really dont like strangers. Much less strangers in my hideout.

I miss old Jay-z dont get me wrong new Jayz isnt bad but he used to be capable of so much more

of course I might be tempted to split ways after a few to many eggs like this nonsense.

especially if it means getting to make the black album. which has one of my favorite songs.

the grey album version is better but embeding is disabled so click the link?


I am Far to pretty for this shit.

If I didn't know one of these dogs this would be stupid.
Actually it's still stupid.

so are those dogs.

1st. why is this a real thing
2nd. why is a little kid the champ
3rd. God Damn asians.


An interesting thing, kind of dated, but cool anyways.

see if you would make an decent eyewitness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notice the banner?

Click on it! seriously. this is the most exciting thing you will do this year. DC Zombie Crawl! its for toys for tots and pure awesome!

Ok, so I'm not really just a girl but I've been singing this all damn day. Why? because I become obsessed with songs for a day or two, or in the recent case of the Mario theme song weeks. Like, we are talking two steps above and beyond something being simply stuck in my head. More like for a day or two there I was singing and dancing to the Mario theme song every where I went. If I was walking across a room, down the street, going to the bathroom, or brushing my teeth I would be all about the

and yes. I do think it drives the people around me insane. At least I don't know Yoshi's theme. that could be far worse.
If you haven't seen this yet skip to like four minutes in.

I know its made its rounds but I laughed a bit.
I'm pretty much done with this post I've lost interest.
I guess Underneath It All (HAH!) I have too short of an attention span to really try and make a real entry, but I cant let andrew be better at this than me.
Oh. I get the Internet this weekend hopefully


Scooping Andrew on the cat front news!

Cat Teaches cop a lesson!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

some one help me figure this out

Morning blog time!

I've been digging through some other blogs to see what makes them popular so I could steal their ideas and I've noticed a running theme.

Cats and Children.

While I can see people enjoying pictures and stories about cats, I don't see the appeal on knowing about other peoples children.

I wish i had a picture to post as well. Oh well.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sorry.

For the few people that read this, I apologize for never updating this, But I am rectifying that situation. We are in a rebuilding process of sorts for this blog right now. As in we are going to actually use it again. Hopefully more than a few times a week. Also I have another project that if I ever stop procrastinating I will post either here or link to another blog that has more to do with it. Anywho........ i'm just kind of rambling now. Not even constructive rambling.

Polar Bears or Killer Whales?

Does anybody elses cat follow them everywhere? I'm assuming you are all cat owners, which probably isn't fair to assume.

I've been playing a lot of games recently, so for those of you who haven't i'm going to grace you with my list of games you should buy as of today (11/16/09).
1. Modern Warfare 2
2. Borderlands
3. Batman Arkham Asylum (you would be way late on this one)

This list is subject to change as of tomorrow though.

I have had a recent problem with people who use blue tooth devices. If you are going to talk to me in person and someone on your blue tooth at the same time, you should probably make it clear who you are talking to and when. Seriously, I hate you all for not being able to do this one simple thing. How am i supposed to know that you want your wife to breastfeed the baby and not me.

And last but not least, since I can't leave you all without a single picture, I leave you with this....

also i'm not really sorry. Ha!

sooo... yeah......

I'm not dead yet.


So take that suckers.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am the king of the universe.

Why? Because I've declared it.
If you disagree I will fight you.
or if you are bigger than me pee in your shoes while you sleep.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ZombiE Blog!

Ok, so not really a zombie for a few reasons
A. Its not actually back from the dead, just temporarily revived.
B. Temporarily revived blogs don’t eat brains
C. It still retains all of its previous cognitive abilities
D. The internet is serious business zombies are not.
So we are still the #1 google search result for Andy and Kaze out of 134,000 possible returns, take that other bloggers named Andy with friends named Kaze.
Here is a quick life update since my last entry in this thing
-I made several goals.
-I followed none of them
So there it is all you really need to know, and its really not like anyone needs to or wants to know what’s going on with me anyways.
To be honest I’m really just updating this because…well I’m not sure why
Probably due to a lack of pants.
Whenever I’m not wearing pants I always feel like I should tell the world but don’t want the world to actually know
And where better to spread the word than on my twitter with no followers or my blog with no readers?
Hah. Take that universe.
I really am the most awkward person I know.
That’s ok. I honestly don’t care, I like being socially inept.
Being liked rarely achieves anything.
Remember when we were going to start a podcast radio show?
Or a tv show?
Or even video tape our adventures?
Oh and that time we were going to be famous internet bloggers?
What even happened to Andrews posts? 80% of those were find a picture.
Put in on blogspot
Or my drinks?
Its not like I quit drinking
I just quit posting
But mmm new drinks
I highly recommend finding the Rouges honey ale with orange while its still out
Shot wise I really don’t drink anything new anymore.
Really I just kill Jameson and cokes like they were water.
I almost didn’t post anything because I couldn’t remember the password for the stupid thing.
This post is over.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is the worst blog ever.

This blog is terrible…I don’t even read it. This means I don’t even write it. This is probably why it sucks.
This entry is all kinds of bad too.
Also it’s written out of spite and anger.
(as a disclaimer I should let it be known I’m probably mad at old news.)
Neither of which lead to excellent journalism, they do, however, make for excellent drinking buddies on Tuesday nights.

I guess I should start explaining things. This post is half written to spite Andrew, why? Because due to my lack of motivation he seems bothered that I never update. My response don’t up date when he asks me to and then update when he least expects it.
Now that that bit of business is taken care of on to the things I’m angry at.
Today on the ride home I heard a new Cam’ron song. This made me very excited at first as Killa Cam is (well used to be) pretty awesome, but this new song is just plain old garbage. It is titled “cookies and apple juice” which if that’s not bothersome (and disgusting) enough there is a line that goes
“milk milk lemonade round the corner fudge is made
cookies with some apple juice I’m just try to get paid”
This is the most retarded thing I’ve heard in a while. (if your curious)
Don’t get me wrong I still think Cam is pretty damn cool and when crime pays comes out ill probably wind up with it. But I just can’t get over that line for the life of me. The whole song really isn’t that terrible; the subject matter really isn’t that out there (although some of its verging on gross). And the beats pretty catchy, but seriously wtf? It’s known that you like throwing children’s rhymes into your songs but that’s just ridiculous.
I miss hip-hop…
One of our followers (Andrew’s) avatar scares me…
On to the second thing that bothers me.
Arlen Specter. Well actually not him specifically, but the people who are mad at him. One of the great things about this country is the ability to follow your political beliefs, and though I don’t necessarily support the party he has joined I do support his right to join it. If he feels he could better represent his constituents as a democrat then more power to him. If he can’t then they always have the option of not voting for him next time around. And even as a republican he only voted with you 65.3% of the time. Which while that is over half the time is a pretty big dissidence if you stop and think about it considering some of those votes were things like “To ensure that the general public has full access to our national parks and to promote the health and safety of all visitors and employees of the National Park Service.”
To see a full voting records go here
It even says how his former and current party would have liked him to have voted.

The final thing I’m angry at is the whole swine flu mess. Yes you should be concerned. Very concerned. Like remember to wash your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom concerned. And for those who have and will die I am sad. Yes influenza is a terrible thing but it happens every year, and yes this is a particularly vicious strain, but it is not unheard of. I’m sure some of your parents (or maybe parents parents) remember the last time the swine flu came around. People got sick, some people died. But as a culture we survived. Quit acting like every time a group of people get sick it’s the end of the world. Does anyone remember when they found cholera in the gulf of Mexico? Probably not but that happened within our lifetimes. Or even more recently Avian flu? During the whole avian flu scare everyone was convinced that in a few days someone would cough on someone in a mall and overnight everyone would keel over dead. Shortly after that scare I read a whole mess of blogs and articles that insinuated that the Avian flu was nothing more than a diversion tactic taken by our former president to distract the media and public from the blunders being made overseas. And now I’ve read more than a few reports clamming that the current outbreak is his fault as well. All I really have to say about this is that influenza happens. It’s part of nature, and as much as I hate nature we are all a part of it and you pretty much just have to deal with it. Oh but as an added bonus for being human, this flu is avoidable with proper hygiene and common sense. And even if you do get it, treatable.
So bam quit bitching and go on with your lives…just wash your hands and don’t let people cough on you, you perverts.
So I just learned something and figured I would share.
Jimmy carter put solar panels on the white house
Ronald Reagan had them pulled back down
And during the Bush administration they went back up.
I just gave you all an interesting factoid!

Now for another one. Rising moon (the beer) is terrible. Don’t drink it.
Im out.
p.s. like how I tossed that beer review in at the end?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I know what you've been thinking... "It's been days since either Kaze or Andy posted! What ever will I do?". Well fear not because I'm here to save the day! With an all new blog all about everything and nothing!

Have you ever had a tick in a weird place? If you have that sucks and I'm sorry.

Does anyone really want to see Toy Story 3? How about Men in Black 3? No? Well how about Ghost Busters 3? Still no? Well Disney and Sony say you do and dammit you will enjoy it!

Have you ever been on the train and looked around? I often wonder if certain people i see are absolutely crazy. Or is it just me? Deep stuff I know, but you know you've thought about it before. What if the alleged crazy person sees something that the rest of the world doesn't? And what if that something is the right something? And what if that right something is Tupac riding bicycles backwards?! If you don't believe me check out this link :

Green Day has a new album coming out soon. From whats leaked so far its going to be amazing. That is all.


(You make kitteh scared, stop it)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kaze should not be allowed on the internet.

Dear Lilly Allen,
Your new Cd is in fact terrible, and a massive let down to those of us whom enjoyed your first. While I understand that you as an artist feel that you need to go into new exciting directions or what have you. Boring is not exciting; neither is predictable, slow, or humdrum. Those are all words that actually mean the same thing, that I am disappointed. The allure of your first CD that, however, misguided you were upbeat, and rebelling in a punky-brewster sort of way. I found the alluring, and while I still find your accent attractive, the slow semi-melodic over produced beats in the first half of your album does nothing for me. And while I’m happy for your CD personality for finding love in a friend, does the song really have to go on for three magillion hours? While I will still most likely buy your next cd I do ask that you try harder to not suck…I’m not asking you to be edgy for edgys sake, but for the love of god sound like you had fun making the CD.
That is all.
P.S. I like that the CD is pink…

Ok, I’m done with my little letter, now on to the content normal sane people would enjoy…actually I take that back.
Now onto the content I enjoy.
I have been really into Lyrics Born recently for a variety of reasons. The main one being that he is pretty damn good. It also helps that he is a jap, has a funky sort of sound, and well is pretty damn awesome all around. For those of you who have not heard him but are into hip hop I strongly recommend looking him up. Cut Chemist as well; in fact go listen to all of the Soul Sides stuff.
To continue the stream of me talking about things no one will care about I rented twilight, and before you get angry (or excited as the case may be) I didn’t actually watch it I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not to say that I’m to manly or something like that, but more that I actually read the back of it after getting home from my friendly neighborhood video store, and realized what it was about. Needless to say it really didn’t sound like my cup of tea. All of which brings me to what happened to the movies of our childhood? Even the stories with romance in them had something for everyone. Take Princess Bride for example. Excellent movie, has a love story as a central theme, but you know what else it has? Pirates (well a pirate), and giants (once again cingular), albinos who try to act tough, wizards who dispense chocolate, six fingered men, and ROUSs! Or willow, there is a love story in there but there is also so much more!
Yesterday a few of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings places seem to be plentiful and range from delicious to dismal. While Hooters seems like it will always have a special place in my heart, BWW (or BDubs as Chris calls it) defiantly will gain a spot in rotation. The first thing I noticed about BWW was the wait, this was actually our second attempt at hitting the new wings place the first resulting in a Glory Days trip (very rarely is food worth and hour and a half wait). This time around there was only a half an hour long line, which really wasn’t that bad given that I was in the company of all but one of my best friends. The second thing I noticed is that this place is loud, while this is to be expected for a bar, this place was far louder than a normal sports bar. Again a pretty good sign, also welcomed the massive tap list which was unfortunately lacking yuengling, but that can be forgiven. As for food appetizers were delicious, as were wings. The asian zingers were particularly tasty, although the drums were slightly larger than I would like. (in my opinion a good wing should be only slightly larger than my thumb.) All in all, however, I would strongly recommend a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.
While I was there I asked the waitress for a recommended drink; her suggestion? A B-52 a drink I was warned would be terrible by my tablemates. Anyways to make a B-52 you will need
A standard shot glass
Irish Cream (Bailey's)
Grand Marnier
Instead of mixing this drink you layer it by pouring first the Kahlua, then Baileys and finally the Grand Marnier into the shot glass.
I am one of those people who always smells a drink before trying it, and my first impression of this drink was that it smelled like turpentine. At this point I was not in fact expecting a lot from it (actually I was expecting it to be disgusting.) but since I’ve committed to trying random ass drinks just so you can learn from my mistakes I picked up my glass and downed the thing. The result? Pleasant surprise, the combination of things, though smelling absolutely toxic turned out to taste delicious. The resulting aftertaste was caramely a thing which by itself I normally dislike actually tasted quite good. While I cant see doing several of these in a row, this would make an excellent desert shot, and I will most likely order it again at some point.

Now for a drink I know and love and suspect most people do as well although I always run into that strange freak who doesn’t.
The Dirty Bong water!
While I and my fellow Fauquierians tend to take this as a shot it is apparently intended to be served in a Collins glass. Something which I will not turn down, or raise my nose at. To make a dirty bong water you will need
1 part Amaretto
1 part Curacao, blue
1 part Sour Raspberry Pucker
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part Grenadine
2 parts Sour Mix
And either a shot glass or Collins glass.
Preparation either way, however, remains the same. Using a cocktail shaker or something along those lines shake all ingredients over ice, then strain into the glass. Did you catch that last bit? Strain it! Nothing is more disappointing than getting a drink that is half ice. The drink itself is a pleasant blue green, and is nothing short of delicious, I don’t know what to say beyond that other than go drink two or three of these!
Once again send me your damn shots! Coming soon is what is promised to be one of the worst shots I have ever taken!
P.S. Followers I love you!
P.P.S. no homo…
P.P.P.S. I suck at posting.

Monday, March 30, 2009

No one on the corner has swagger like us.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if a polar bear attacked you? Seriously, they're huge.
Even worse, they have found grizzly and polar bear hybrids. Pizzly bear? Funny name i know, but they will tear you up. That being said as big and angry as polar bears are, how could you take them seriously?

If You Can Raed Tihs, You Msut Be Raelly Smrat

Is 2012 really the end of the world? Or is it the beginning of the most off the hook party ever? A lot of people think that once December 21st, 2012 hits, thats it. Kaboom we're all gone. While a lot of other people see it as a fresh start for the world. I choose to believe that it is the first day of the most epic party ever thrown. Hosted by Diddy of course, and you won't believe who's on the guest list. You can believe what you want, but don't say I didn't tell you.

A lot of this seems like rambling and jibberish, but thats what I like to do. I like to throw a curveball. You may think you know whats next but then BAM! Your like whoa, didn't see that one coming.

Last night in VA Beach a lot of people heard/felt a sonic boom. Soon followed by the sighting of a fireball in the sky. The Russians say it's debris from a rocket they sent up to the international space station, but we all know what it really was.....

Until next time,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

First your gonna rock, then your gonna roll

Here we are on what is now officially the second day of posting on this blog. We now have 3 followers which I think is mighty impressive considering this is only the third post. If we keep up this pace we will be insanely famous in approximately 6,254,365 posts. Think about that for a minute.

Now that you've thought about I will give you something else to ponder. Bono (singer from u2 for those that don't know) now wears make up. Yes, he really does. If you don't believe me look at the cover of spin. This really isn't all that important, but it is mildly irritating.

What if all arguments were settled with a rap battle?

I was looking at dead franchises yesterday and I happened to run across what was supposedly the pitch for Jurassic Park 4. Can anybody say dinosaurs with guns? I know I can, and while this would have made for a terrible movie imagine how epic that would have been. Actually, don't imagine, just enjoy this picture:

I bet you're glad i showed that to you. Or else you would have gone your entire life wondering what pure awesome looked like. While none of that dinosaur goodness will ever make it to the silver screen we still have that image to remind us of what could have been.

Last, but certainly not least, I strongly encourage those of you that follow here to keep your eyes and ears peeled for whats to come.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So Andrew posted a bit of an intro so now I feel like I should jump in and post as well.

At this point in our blogs life (AKA the first night) I am assuming that the only people who are actually reading this are our close friends, family, and the few gullible fools we conned into thinking we have much in the way of content at this point. The point of all this being, that I don’t really feel like I need to explain myself or what is going on here all that much. Basicly this is the start of something exciting, and like the beginning of all things it will be strange and aqkward at this point. Hopefully in the future, there will be regular updates, links to exciting things, and well organization. At this point all you get are two goons occasionally posting stuff about stuff and stuff. But to get the ball rolling ill toss in a little meaningfull content real quick.

I will now make another promise, this feature will most likely happen often (with my lifestyle its bound to) but will hopefully be better thought out (unlikely)

Since the purpose of this thing (for me atleast) is to enrich your lives I will hopefully be fairly regurally be reviewing drinks on a fairly regular basis (now Im not an alcoholic, but a critic!) If you have a drink you think I should try shoot me an email either at or (personalish?)

Anyways, todays drink is brought to us via Todd, while tried at Hooters it had to be special requested. I have yet to try it in its suggested form but the Hooters version is infact Delicious with a capitol D! All of us have at one point or another hopefully tried a J├Ągerbombs which are of course wonderfull. An unfortunate few of us may have tried a Hooters version which is dissapointing at best due to the lack of Red Bull which is instead replaced by a Hooters energy drink which is really just extra fizzy orange soda. The solution for those of us who love energy bombs, chickenwings, and generaly unatractive women?

The Vegas Bomb.

A vegas bomb when googled comes up with a bunch of fruity type liquors the only consistancys being, energy drink, and Crown Royal (even then there are discrepancies but this is the way I had it and liked it so clearly the way it is.)


-Shot glass filled with Crown Royal.

-a normal glass


-an energy drink

Pour a small amount of grenadine in the bottom of a glass, add enough of the energy drink that when dropped in the shot glass will be covered. Finally find a friend to down a drink with you drop the Crown, and Chug.

Result? Delicious!

Ok so not very scientific I know, but It’s a start. Seriously though send me your drinks, I will continue to go to bars and order rando shots and the likes, but its always nice to go in knowing what to expect.

Anyways keep checking back for more.