Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So Andrew posted a bit of an intro so now I feel like I should jump in and post as well.

At this point in our blogs life (AKA the first night) I am assuming that the only people who are actually reading this are our close friends, family, and the few gullible fools we conned into thinking we have much in the way of content at this point. The point of all this being, that I don’t really feel like I need to explain myself or what is going on here all that much. Basicly this is the start of something exciting, and like the beginning of all things it will be strange and aqkward at this point. Hopefully in the future, there will be regular updates, links to exciting things, and well organization. At this point all you get are two goons occasionally posting stuff about stuff and stuff. But to get the ball rolling ill toss in a little meaningfull content real quick.

I will now make another promise, this feature will most likely happen often (with my lifestyle its bound to) but will hopefully be better thought out (unlikely)

Since the purpose of this thing (for me atleast) is to enrich your lives I will hopefully be fairly regurally be reviewing drinks on a fairly regular basis (now Im not an alcoholic, but a critic!) If you have a drink you think I should try shoot me an email either at andyandkazemail@gmail.com or kryptoroftheclosetpeople@gmail.com (personalish?)

Anyways, todays drink is brought to us via Todd, while tried at Hooters it had to be special requested. I have yet to try it in its suggested form but the Hooters version is infact Delicious with a capitol D! All of us have at one point or another hopefully tried a J├Ągerbombs which are of course wonderfull. An unfortunate few of us may have tried a Hooters version which is dissapointing at best due to the lack of Red Bull which is instead replaced by a Hooters energy drink which is really just extra fizzy orange soda. The solution for those of us who love energy bombs, chickenwings, and generaly unatractive women?

The Vegas Bomb.

A vegas bomb when googled comes up with a bunch of fruity type liquors the only consistancys being, energy drink, and Crown Royal (even then there are discrepancies but this is the way I had it and liked it so clearly the way it is.)


-Shot glass filled with Crown Royal.

-a normal glass


-an energy drink

Pour a small amount of grenadine in the bottom of a glass, add enough of the energy drink that when dropped in the shot glass will be covered. Finally find a friend to down a drink with you drop the Crown, and Chug.

Result? Delicious!

Ok so not very scientific I know, but It’s a start. Seriously though send me your drinks, I will continue to go to bars and order rando shots and the likes, but its always nice to go in knowing what to expect.

Anyways keep checking back for more.


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Rufio said...


-Shot Glass

-Regular Glass

-Bailey's Irish Creme

-Jameson's Irish Whiskey

-Glass of Guinness

Layer a 1/2 shot of whiskey and a 1/2 shot of Irish Creme

pour Guinness into big glass

drop shot with whiskey/creme mix into Guinness

CHUG. because if you don't, you will regret it.