Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kaze should not be allowed on the internet.

Dear Lilly Allen,
Your new Cd is in fact terrible, and a massive let down to those of us whom enjoyed your first. While I understand that you as an artist feel that you need to go into new exciting directions or what have you. Boring is not exciting; neither is predictable, slow, or humdrum. Those are all words that actually mean the same thing, that I am disappointed. The allure of your first CD that, however, misguided you were upbeat, and rebelling in a punky-brewster sort of way. I found the alluring, and while I still find your accent attractive, the slow semi-melodic over produced beats in the first half of your album does nothing for me. And while I’m happy for your CD personality for finding love in a friend, does the song really have to go on for three magillion hours? While I will still most likely buy your next cd I do ask that you try harder to not suck…I’m not asking you to be edgy for edgys sake, but for the love of god sound like you had fun making the CD.
That is all.
P.S. I like that the CD is pink…

Ok, I’m done with my little letter, now on to the content normal sane people would enjoy…actually I take that back.
Now onto the content I enjoy.
I have been really into Lyrics Born recently for a variety of reasons. The main one being that he is pretty damn good. It also helps that he is a jap, has a funky sort of sound, and well is pretty damn awesome all around. For those of you who have not heard him but are into hip hop I strongly recommend looking him up. Cut Chemist as well; in fact go listen to all of the Soul Sides stuff.
To continue the stream of me talking about things no one will care about I rented twilight, and before you get angry (or excited as the case may be) I didn’t actually watch it I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not to say that I’m to manly or something like that, but more that I actually read the back of it after getting home from my friendly neighborhood video store, and realized what it was about. Needless to say it really didn’t sound like my cup of tea. All of which brings me to what happened to the movies of our childhood? Even the stories with romance in them had something for everyone. Take Princess Bride for example. Excellent movie, has a love story as a central theme, but you know what else it has? Pirates (well a pirate), and giants (once again cingular), albinos who try to act tough, wizards who dispense chocolate, six fingered men, and ROUSs! Or willow, there is a love story in there but there is also so much more!
Yesterday a few of us went to Buffalo Wild Wings. Wings places seem to be plentiful and range from delicious to dismal. While Hooters seems like it will always have a special place in my heart, BWW (or BDubs as Chris calls it) defiantly will gain a spot in rotation. The first thing I noticed about BWW was the wait, this was actually our second attempt at hitting the new wings place the first resulting in a Glory Days trip (very rarely is food worth and hour and a half wait). This time around there was only a half an hour long line, which really wasn’t that bad given that I was in the company of all but one of my best friends. The second thing I noticed is that this place is loud, while this is to be expected for a bar, this place was far louder than a normal sports bar. Again a pretty good sign, also welcomed the massive tap list which was unfortunately lacking yuengling, but that can be forgiven. As for food appetizers were delicious, as were wings. The asian zingers were particularly tasty, although the drums were slightly larger than I would like. (in my opinion a good wing should be only slightly larger than my thumb.) All in all, however, I would strongly recommend a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings.
While I was there I asked the waitress for a recommended drink; her suggestion? A B-52 a drink I was warned would be terrible by my tablemates. Anyways to make a B-52 you will need
A standard shot glass
Irish Cream (Bailey's)
Grand Marnier
Instead of mixing this drink you layer it by pouring first the Kahlua, then Baileys and finally the Grand Marnier into the shot glass.
I am one of those people who always smells a drink before trying it, and my first impression of this drink was that it smelled like turpentine. At this point I was not in fact expecting a lot from it (actually I was expecting it to be disgusting.) but since I’ve committed to trying random ass drinks just so you can learn from my mistakes I picked up my glass and downed the thing. The result? Pleasant surprise, the combination of things, though smelling absolutely toxic turned out to taste delicious. The resulting aftertaste was caramely a thing which by itself I normally dislike actually tasted quite good. While I cant see doing several of these in a row, this would make an excellent desert shot, and I will most likely order it again at some point.

Now for a drink I know and love and suspect most people do as well although I always run into that strange freak who doesn’t.
The Dirty Bong water!
While I and my fellow Fauquierians tend to take this as a shot it is apparently intended to be served in a Collins glass. Something which I will not turn down, or raise my nose at. To make a dirty bong water you will need
1 part Amaretto
1 part Curacao, blue
1 part Sour Raspberry Pucker
1 part Southern Comfort
1 part Grenadine
2 parts Sour Mix
And either a shot glass or Collins glass.
Preparation either way, however, remains the same. Using a cocktail shaker or something along those lines shake all ingredients over ice, then strain into the glass. Did you catch that last bit? Strain it! Nothing is more disappointing than getting a drink that is half ice. The drink itself is a pleasant blue green, and is nothing short of delicious, I don’t know what to say beyond that other than go drink two or three of these!
Once again send me your damn shots! Coming soon is what is promised to be one of the worst shots I have ever taken!
P.S. Followers I love you!
P.P.S. no homo…
P.P.P.S. I suck at posting.

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