Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is the worst blog ever.

This blog is terrible…I don’t even read it. This means I don’t even write it. This is probably why it sucks.
This entry is all kinds of bad too.
Also it’s written out of spite and anger.
(as a disclaimer I should let it be known I’m probably mad at old news.)
Neither of which lead to excellent journalism, they do, however, make for excellent drinking buddies on Tuesday nights.

I guess I should start explaining things. This post is half written to spite Andrew, why? Because due to my lack of motivation he seems bothered that I never update. My response don’t up date when he asks me to and then update when he least expects it.
Now that that bit of business is taken care of on to the things I’m angry at.
Today on the ride home I heard a new Cam’ron song. This made me very excited at first as Killa Cam is (well used to be) pretty awesome, but this new song is just plain old garbage. It is titled “cookies and apple juice” which if that’s not bothersome (and disgusting) enough there is a line that goes
“milk milk lemonade round the corner fudge is made
cookies with some apple juice I’m just try to get paid”
This is the most retarded thing I’ve heard in a while. (if your curious)
Don’t get me wrong I still think Cam is pretty damn cool and when crime pays comes out ill probably wind up with it. But I just can’t get over that line for the life of me. The whole song really isn’t that terrible; the subject matter really isn’t that out there (although some of its verging on gross). And the beats pretty catchy, but seriously wtf? It’s known that you like throwing children’s rhymes into your songs but that’s just ridiculous.
I miss hip-hop…
One of our followers (Andrew’s) avatar scares me…
On to the second thing that bothers me.
Arlen Specter. Well actually not him specifically, but the people who are mad at him. One of the great things about this country is the ability to follow your political beliefs, and though I don’t necessarily support the party he has joined I do support his right to join it. If he feels he could better represent his constituents as a democrat then more power to him. If he can’t then they always have the option of not voting for him next time around. And even as a republican he only voted with you 65.3% of the time. Which while that is over half the time is a pretty big dissidence if you stop and think about it considering some of those votes were things like “To ensure that the general public has full access to our national parks and to promote the health and safety of all visitors and employees of the National Park Service.”
To see a full voting records go here
It even says how his former and current party would have liked him to have voted.

The final thing I’m angry at is the whole swine flu mess. Yes you should be concerned. Very concerned. Like remember to wash your hands before eating and after going to the bathroom concerned. And for those who have and will die I am sad. Yes influenza is a terrible thing but it happens every year, and yes this is a particularly vicious strain, but it is not unheard of. I’m sure some of your parents (or maybe parents parents) remember the last time the swine flu came around. People got sick, some people died. But as a culture we survived. Quit acting like every time a group of people get sick it’s the end of the world. Does anyone remember when they found cholera in the gulf of Mexico? Probably not but that happened within our lifetimes. Or even more recently Avian flu? During the whole avian flu scare everyone was convinced that in a few days someone would cough on someone in a mall and overnight everyone would keel over dead. Shortly after that scare I read a whole mess of blogs and articles that insinuated that the Avian flu was nothing more than a diversion tactic taken by our former president to distract the media and public from the blunders being made overseas. And now I’ve read more than a few reports clamming that the current outbreak is his fault as well. All I really have to say about this is that influenza happens. It’s part of nature, and as much as I hate nature we are all a part of it and you pretty much just have to deal with it. Oh but as an added bonus for being human, this flu is avoidable with proper hygiene and common sense. And even if you do get it, treatable.
So bam quit bitching and go on with your lives…just wash your hands and don’t let people cough on you, you perverts.
So I just learned something and figured I would share.
Jimmy carter put solar panels on the white house
Ronald Reagan had them pulled back down
And during the Bush administration they went back up.
I just gave you all an interesting factoid!

Now for another one. Rising moon (the beer) is terrible. Don’t drink it.
Im out.
p.s. like how I tossed that beer review in at the end?

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