Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ZombiE Blog!

Ok, so not really a zombie for a few reasons
A. Its not actually back from the dead, just temporarily revived.
B. Temporarily revived blogs don’t eat brains
C. It still retains all of its previous cognitive abilities
D. The internet is serious business zombies are not.
So we are still the #1 google search result for Andy and Kaze out of 134,000 possible returns, take that other bloggers named Andy with friends named Kaze.
Here is a quick life update since my last entry in this thing
-I made several goals.
-I followed none of them
So there it is all you really need to know, and its really not like anyone needs to or wants to know what’s going on with me anyways.
To be honest I’m really just updating this because…well I’m not sure why
Probably due to a lack of pants.
Whenever I’m not wearing pants I always feel like I should tell the world but don’t want the world to actually know
And where better to spread the word than on my twitter with no followers or my blog with no readers?
Hah. Take that universe.
I really am the most awkward person I know.
That’s ok. I honestly don’t care, I like being socially inept.
Being liked rarely achieves anything.
Remember when we were going to start a podcast radio show?
Or a tv show?
Or even video tape our adventures?
Oh and that time we were going to be famous internet bloggers?
What even happened to Andrews posts? 80% of those were find a picture.
Put in on blogspot
Or my drinks?
Its not like I quit drinking
I just quit posting
But mmm new drinks
I highly recommend finding the Rouges honey ale with orange while its still out
Shot wise I really don’t drink anything new anymore.
Really I just kill Jameson and cokes like they were water.
I almost didn’t post anything because I couldn’t remember the password for the stupid thing.
This post is over.

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