Monday, November 30, 2009


This video makes me want one so very very much. as in would totally consider putting myself in more debt to own an instrument I dont even know how to play. or if I would be able to play.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy holidays you bastards

It's time for the holidays yet again, and yet again we wonder where the hell the year went. Or we just don't care and eat a lot and get fat. Either way i guess. Anyways, to get you in the mood for turkey here's this:

mmmmmmm. turkey. delicious!

Have a good thanksgiving folks.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Im actually Way excited for this.

I only hope It doesn't become a gross out gore out. type of movie.

thats the problem with a lot of the newer zombie/horror movies is they started thinking who needs a plot when I can show you a naked girl chop her in half and then have some one later make a joke when her still naked corpse trys to eat the lonley virgin?

everything i touch(write) is pure gold

While it may seem that this has become nothing more than a way for kaze to post videos, this is not the case.
1. Because I haven't made an effort to figure out how to post videos yet, and
2. Because I know you all (all 12 of you followers) hang on every word I write.

You may be thinking that I'm pretty full of myself right now. To be honest you would be right, except for its not just right now that I'm full of myself, it's all the time.

I will now take this time to bring an epidemic to your attention. No, not the swine flu. Or anything to serious for that matter. I wouldn't want to make this blog too tasteless. No, the epidemic I bring to the table is this:


Cut it out... seriously. I'm not sure of any kind of legal things or whatever, but go to and check it out. I reccomend pointing out how stupid people look when they do it to everyone you know. Friends, family, whoever. We need to stop this in its tracks. Also pink shirts and emo haircuts. People need to stop that too. I'm talking to you kid in the back of the picture.

Also, ducks just plain suck. There is only one way to remedy this and that is by cross breeding them with a cooler animal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you :

That is all for tonight though.
I love you

(not really)


a post about jay z for some reason?

I like Modern Love better but I can't find a good video for it.

the important thing here though Is BlocParty is awesome. Like ten kinds.

I get internet tomorrow, as long as I dont puss out... which honestly is always a possibility I really dont like strangers. Much less strangers in my hideout.

I miss old Jay-z dont get me wrong new Jayz isnt bad but he used to be capable of so much more

of course I might be tempted to split ways after a few to many eggs like this nonsense.

especially if it means getting to make the black album. which has one of my favorite songs.

the grey album version is better but embeding is disabled so click the link?


I am Far to pretty for this shit.

If I didn't know one of these dogs this would be stupid.
Actually it's still stupid.

so are those dogs.

1st. why is this a real thing
2nd. why is a little kid the champ
3rd. God Damn asians.


An interesting thing, kind of dated, but cool anyways.

see if you would make an decent eyewitness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Notice the banner?

Click on it! seriously. this is the most exciting thing you will do this year. DC Zombie Crawl! its for toys for tots and pure awesome!

Ok, so I'm not really just a girl but I've been singing this all damn day. Why? because I become obsessed with songs for a day or two, or in the recent case of the Mario theme song weeks. Like, we are talking two steps above and beyond something being simply stuck in my head. More like for a day or two there I was singing and dancing to the Mario theme song every where I went. If I was walking across a room, down the street, going to the bathroom, or brushing my teeth I would be all about the

and yes. I do think it drives the people around me insane. At least I don't know Yoshi's theme. that could be far worse.
If you haven't seen this yet skip to like four minutes in.

I know its made its rounds but I laughed a bit.
I'm pretty much done with this post I've lost interest.
I guess Underneath It All (HAH!) I have too short of an attention span to really try and make a real entry, but I cant let andrew be better at this than me.
Oh. I get the Internet this weekend hopefully


Scooping Andrew on the cat front news!

Cat Teaches cop a lesson!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

some one help me figure this out

Morning blog time!

I've been digging through some other blogs to see what makes them popular so I could steal their ideas and I've noticed a running theme.

Cats and Children.

While I can see people enjoying pictures and stories about cats, I don't see the appeal on knowing about other peoples children.

I wish i had a picture to post as well. Oh well.


Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sorry.

For the few people that read this, I apologize for never updating this, But I am rectifying that situation. We are in a rebuilding process of sorts for this blog right now. As in we are going to actually use it again. Hopefully more than a few times a week. Also I have another project that if I ever stop procrastinating I will post either here or link to another blog that has more to do with it. Anywho........ i'm just kind of rambling now. Not even constructive rambling.

Polar Bears or Killer Whales?

Does anybody elses cat follow them everywhere? I'm assuming you are all cat owners, which probably isn't fair to assume.

I've been playing a lot of games recently, so for those of you who haven't i'm going to grace you with my list of games you should buy as of today (11/16/09).
1. Modern Warfare 2
2. Borderlands
3. Batman Arkham Asylum (you would be way late on this one)

This list is subject to change as of tomorrow though.

I have had a recent problem with people who use blue tooth devices. If you are going to talk to me in person and someone on your blue tooth at the same time, you should probably make it clear who you are talking to and when. Seriously, I hate you all for not being able to do this one simple thing. How am i supposed to know that you want your wife to breastfeed the baby and not me.

And last but not least, since I can't leave you all without a single picture, I leave you with this....

also i'm not really sorry. Ha!

sooo... yeah......

I'm not dead yet.


So take that suckers.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am the king of the universe.

Why? Because I've declared it.
If you disagree I will fight you.
or if you are bigger than me pee in your shoes while you sleep.