Thursday, November 19, 2009

everything i touch(write) is pure gold

While it may seem that this has become nothing more than a way for kaze to post videos, this is not the case.
1. Because I haven't made an effort to figure out how to post videos yet, and
2. Because I know you all (all 12 of you followers) hang on every word I write.

You may be thinking that I'm pretty full of myself right now. To be honest you would be right, except for its not just right now that I'm full of myself, it's all the time.

I will now take this time to bring an epidemic to your attention. No, not the swine flu. Or anything to serious for that matter. I wouldn't want to make this blog too tasteless. No, the epidemic I bring to the table is this:


Cut it out... seriously. I'm not sure of any kind of legal things or whatever, but go to and check it out. I reccomend pointing out how stupid people look when they do it to everyone you know. Friends, family, whoever. We need to stop this in its tracks. Also pink shirts and emo haircuts. People need to stop that too. I'm talking to you kid in the back of the picture.

Also, ducks just plain suck. There is only one way to remedy this and that is by cross breeding them with a cooler animal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you :

That is all for tonight though.
I love you

(not really)

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