Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm sorry.

For the few people that read this, I apologize for never updating this, But I am rectifying that situation. We are in a rebuilding process of sorts for this blog right now. As in we are going to actually use it again. Hopefully more than a few times a week. Also I have another project that if I ever stop procrastinating I will post either here or link to another blog that has more to do with it. Anywho........ i'm just kind of rambling now. Not even constructive rambling.

Polar Bears or Killer Whales?

Does anybody elses cat follow them everywhere? I'm assuming you are all cat owners, which probably isn't fair to assume.

I've been playing a lot of games recently, so for those of you who haven't i'm going to grace you with my list of games you should buy as of today (11/16/09).
1. Modern Warfare 2
2. Borderlands
3. Batman Arkham Asylum (you would be way late on this one)

This list is subject to change as of tomorrow though.

I have had a recent problem with people who use blue tooth devices. If you are going to talk to me in person and someone on your blue tooth at the same time, you should probably make it clear who you are talking to and when. Seriously, I hate you all for not being able to do this one simple thing. How am i supposed to know that you want your wife to breastfeed the baby and not me.

And last but not least, since I can't leave you all without a single picture, I leave you with this....

also i'm not really sorry. Ha!

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