Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ok, so I'm not really just a girl but I've been singing this all damn day. Why? because I become obsessed with songs for a day or two, or in the recent case of the Mario theme song weeks. Like, we are talking two steps above and beyond something being simply stuck in my head. More like for a day or two there I was singing and dancing to the Mario theme song every where I went. If I was walking across a room, down the street, going to the bathroom, or brushing my teeth I would be all about the

and yes. I do think it drives the people around me insane. At least I don't know Yoshi's theme. that could be far worse.
If you haven't seen this yet skip to like four minutes in.

I know its made its rounds but I laughed a bit.
I'm pretty much done with this post I've lost interest.
I guess Underneath It All (HAH!) I have too short of an attention span to really try and make a real entry, but I cant let andrew be better at this than me.
Oh. I get the Internet this weekend hopefully

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