Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baileys Irish Cream and Coke

The moment the coke hit the Baileys I knew that this was either going to be awesome or a let down. Almost immediately the foaming action started. This in theory sounds awesome what would be better than foamy minty alcoholic coke?

Apparently a lot of things. While the foam bit wasn't bad, it wasn't very rewarding. Neither was it slacking my thirst, or my mental capacity. Both of which are pretty strong goals right now as there is a mass of snow outside, and I don't own a sled. Anyways the real problems started when I got down to that strange liquid goop that settled at the bottom. It pretty much tasted like paint thinner, only without the pleasant aftertaste. All of this of course left me wishing that I had bought hot chocolate packets while I was out yesterday, and reverted me back to an old favorite. Jameson and coke.

Having read the wiki article I now know what I drank in the Netherlands is known to be lethal, which leads me to believe that I am stronger than a Dutchman. Of course I also learned that there is a drink known as a cement mixer which, defiantly makes me question myself because there is no way I'm even nearly bad ass enough to intentionally have that reaction going on in my mouth.

Long story short, I really need something to do today or it is likely I will poison myself trying to mix Baileys Irish Cream with things to see if it will work. Next attempt Baileys over snow?

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