Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dear fellow Virginians,

          We really don't get much snow so on Sunday I really wasn't that mad when you were confused. On Monday, I thought well they must not have been out on Sunday and just didn't know what to expect. On Tuesday it was obvious that you had been a little bitch and called out on Monday and all this salt and slush frightened you. But today, today is Wednesday, today there is no excuse, today the major roads are 99.9% plowed and salted, today your fellow drivers are driving like they didn't finish drivers ed last week.  Yet you, you for some reason have chosen to drive ten miles under the already low speed limit. You have forgotten that if on the off chance you do hit a patch of ice slamming on the breaks will only make things worse. You have forgotten to go into 90* turns at a slower than normal speed when going from a plowed to un-plowed road. You have decided that the snowbank on the side of the road looks like an excellent place to attempt to bypass traffic, instead of waiting like your fellow more rational drivers.You are an idiot.

How is it that on my very short trip from Bealeton to Manassas today I saw two idiots fuck up their day, one of which appeared to be major in that a car had its whole front end crushed in facing the wrong way in a parking lot entrance? The other minor in that some asshat decided rather than waiting to make his turn like everyone else, bypassed traffic by popping his 4x4 up on the snow bank was a great idea. Fortunately captain douche wipe got stuck.

Tomlinson had the right idea, dumb people deserve hatchets.

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