Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I miss the old Muppets.

Seriously I miss the muppets. Does anyone own the old movies? Like I'm thinking a great Muppet caper. Yeah Im that kind of old school. Hah. No but seriously when I was a kid Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem  were totally my favorites, only topped by Gonzo the Great, this sounds retarded but I thought he was so awesome. I totally identified with his not knowing who he was and where he fit into everything and even though that bothered him being proud of it at the same time. Whats weird about the muppets and my love of them though was that I was afraid of the fraggles. Im pretty sure it was because there were monsters in fraggle rock who wanted to eat things. Along those same lines I was afraid of shiny town station or whatever Thomas the tank engine is really called because of the tiny conductor and the people inside of the jukebox. Small people make me nervous. This is of course something you cant go around advertising because then dwarfs are offended not only because you called them a midget but that they make you nervous because you cant trust people who are that small.
You know who is small and cool though? Reducto from Harvey Birdman. if you don't know Harvey Birdman I am disappointed in you. I don't even have cable and I know that show.
this is a lot of content. and not much video. so.
Im done

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