Monday, December 28, 2009

I will admit it I am in love with the toadies.

It is probably one of my favourites off the newer album, and is so very good live.
and then there is the title track. not my favourite toadies track but awesome live.

I will admit I listen to the Toadies a lot, but today is getting a little out of hand. Like we are talking when I ran out of studio/live recordings of their to listen to (77ish songs if you count singles, released as "albums" plus various youtube live recordings) I switched over to Burden_Brothers which is fronted by Vaden and thus sounds very familiar, if a little softer.
At the end of the day though no one can fill that soft spot in my heart like Vaden Todd Lewis, Mark Reznicek, Lisa Umbarger, and Clark Vogler could. Although Doni is definitely growing on me.
So some of that may come across a little gay, but seriously. The Toadies are amazing.

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