Monday, December 7, 2009

lorne michaels obviously reads this blog.

Also I have no idea who Blake Lively is beyond IMDB telling me she has been in a lot of movies I have no interest in watching, but she looks very nice in a red dress.
Also  I really don't like Bill Hader at all. He is not funny. Seriously. He makes a terrible animal, he makes a terrible Custer, he is all around a terrible impressionist, and not a funny comedian. If you are only going to play one roll and pretend it is multiple at least be good at it. Being loud and obnoxious isn't funny by the third time I've seen it. I hate Kenan Thompson but at least he tries to play different characters every time, and honestly the majority of the reason I cant stand him is every time he talks all I can hear is "Welcome to good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your order?". Which in his defence though a terrible movie is predominantly my sisters fault because after she saw it there was a solid month where that was her catch phrase.

Man, I totally forgot how awesome teenage driven comedies were back in the day. No where in that entire sketch did anyone break out into song or worry about being preggo. Seriously guys, I am over the singing teenagers and you are all just encouraging them by watching this nonsense...I watched this "Glee" that you all love so much. The story line is idiotic and predictable, the renditions of songs disappointing, and they are trying far too hard.
Moral of the story you need to watch better tv
here is your veiwing list for the week.
Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Modern Family
30 Rock
Minor deviations from this list are permissible only if it is a long running show, does not involve singing, and at least over half of the cast is over the age of 25. Cartoons are allowed if they do not involve four main characters that always get themselves into wacky situations full of  nonsequiturs, and there is no chance of a cartoon upskirt/downblouse.

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