Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love potatoes.

Seriously the worlds fourth largest crop is delicious and should so beat our that maize nonsense. Ok so maybe like 98% of my food at one point or another is has corn involved but this is not a post about corn. Which given enough time sitting in the dark I will most likely eventually decide is also due a ramble.

I was eating dinner tonight which like most of my meals involved a meat and potatoes.Which got me thinking I really like potatoes I like them mashed, sliced, cut up and reformed, fermented (for a drink that will kick you in your face try your hand at Poteen), covered in cheese, with catchup, atop of pie, as breakfast, in soups and chowders, as dumplings, fried, baked, and boiled. Honestly I am hard pressed to think of a form of the potato when done well I am not a fan of. Actually that is a lie. I hate sweet potatoes, with a passion. Every time someone tells me they love sweet potato pie, or candied sweet potatoes, or sweet potato chips I want to punch them in their reproductive organs.

on a lighter note did you know that the potato is from Peru, and that a majority of the commercially cultivated strains in existence today are descended from Chilean potatoes? Or that dumbasses spell it with an E, and have even gone so far as to correct a kid in a spelling contest with that stupid spelling?

I also don't like this commercial. I'm not sure if its because I am supposed to go "Oh look that woman is doing yoga she is clearly healthy" or her face which there is something wrong with but for some reason it makes me angry. And I love Idaho for giving me potatoes and having such a silly name.

I also don't like all the hacks who are out to give the potato a bad name just because it is not the healthiest food out there. They are delicious paired with a nice sirloin steak. The potatoes that is, were it the neigh sayers I was referring to I would clearly have to opt for fava beans.

this post has long since run its course and I am going to stop as I am now thinking about if veganism makes people taste better (free range cattle tastes better than feed lot the same idea should apply right???).


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