Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Quick letter to my fellow motorists.

        With the return of warm weather has also brought back the music douche bag. You all know that guy (or girl) who sits at a light with their windows down blasting a terrible rap remix/alt. rock ballad at about twenty decibels louder than necessary. I ask you please, please, Please do not be that douche bag. Don't get me wrong one of my favourite parts of summer is driving down the highway or back-roads windows down blaring Joe "Bean" Esposito , The Toadies, or Blondie singing in my best falsetto but I also realize no one else wants to hear that so I turn it down at stop lights or in traffic.

      I feel it is also important to mention at this point with the recurrence of warm weather it is more than likely that at some point you will see me taking off my clothes to drive. I assure you I will keep my pants on but as it is I hate clothing especially shirts and honestly only wear them in public because I hate that sweaty guy with no shirt on and will avoid being that guy at all costs.

     As the summer goes on I will most likely continue to criticize you and invent strange reasons as to why I can maintain a double standard in regard to my own manner of dress.


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