Saturday, May 1, 2010

I dont know if its been established or not yet...

...But I love '90s punk bands, especially those fronted by women with bad ass voices. So much so that I am often prone to over look that some of their music may count as "new". Something I rarely do.

The Muffs Fronted by the ever awesome and talented  Kim Shattuck
who also had a stint with the beards

(not really a song just her talking about golf)

The songs are fun, fit right into that little niche that I hold so dear in my heart and I would marry her voice. Oh and she sang stood in for Kim Deal (who I like better but its not like my opinion really matters anyways right? this rambling post is just to make sure you are listening to your awesome music for the day.) to sing here comes your man with the pixies once.

Then there is Brody Dalle of the distillers/spinnerette who is a. GORGEOUS b. really quite talented c. has one of my favourite voices.
With the Distillers she was awesome

An honestly with (as) Spinnerette I like her even better

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