Friday, June 11, 2010

cheesesteak for you Virginians

So, I am a Virginian and proud of it, but there is one thing that we Virginians are not so good at. Cheesesteaks. Seriously go to Pennsylvania and just about every cheesesteak you get anywhere else will be disappointing. My personal favorite is
Crisp Well Toasted Sub
Real Mayonnaise
Sliced Rib-Eye
Extra Provolone
Grilled Peppers
Grilled Onions
and Marinara
Something that is not all that common. So today when a co-worker and I were discussing what we wanted for lunch we both expressed an interest in cheesesteaks but knew that everywhere in the area we had gone was disappointing at best. A quick google search, however, gave us the result of the Philadelphia Tavern located at 9413 Main Steet, Manassas, VA  20110.  Expecting to be disappointed we headed out after driving in circles for a few minutes as our original guess as to where it was located turned out to be wrong (during which my car made a terrible noise) we found the place and placed our orders. Long story short I got exactly what I wanted on a cheesesteak and it was good. Easily the best you will get in this area, maybe the state.

It could have used a bit more marinara for my tastes but other than that look at that. Delicious!

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