Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dear google I love you,

 but this has been bothering me for a while and now that this video is getting re-posted around again I feel like I should say something

Let me be clear. I love You Google, I love your cloud, I love saving things to your cloud, I love working in your cloud.
I do not, however, want to live in your cloud. While the Chrome OS project will most likely work for 85% of the people out there who just want to go visit the youtubes and email their BFFLs about their TNGPS with their LEBF what about the rest of us who use our computers for work, content creation, and intensive play? I honestly would like to embrace your operating system (I even started using your web browser [not on my desktop though because your .deb build sucks]) so why dont you account for those of us who think that we can get just as much productivity out of a sub 10" laptop if developers and designers would just let us?  I mean the i3 is no where near as power hungry as its predecessors and its not like its impossible to shove 2-4 gigs of memory into just about everything these days. So how about you make me a light os to go with my light computer that still maintains it a certain level of respectability in the workhorse department?

An Avid Fan of Just About Everything You Do (I Buzz!)

P.S. I do like the recovery idea.

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