Wednesday, June 9, 2010

new music day?

Today I have watched four music videos. Two of the new Eminem songs, the new TI, and the "new" black keys.
I only liked one.

Maybe its because change makes me nervous, or maybe I am just one of those tools who says they hate new things all the time to appear worldly, But I hate a lot of new music. It seems like a lot of musicians are off on some tangent that sucks, and for some reason are getting reinforcement that hey this is an acceptable direction to go in.

Ok so now Five videos. still at only liking one.
I will hand it to Gaga she definitively knows how to make a provocative video even though I hate her music every time she puts out a new video I watch it. But this is disappointing even by the standards I hold her to (which are low at best) It seems like now she is trying to hard to be out there just to be out there...

and people wonder why I swear by my toadies, pixies, and so on...

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