Saturday, April 2, 2011

I hope this lives up to the hype in my head

I only like Will Ferrell when he is miserable learning to be happy.

Mainly because I absolutely hate him every time he raises his voice. Which lets face it is just about every single Will Ferrell roll, the result of which is I despise him. Not as a human as a human I am sure he is a very nice person. But his acting often leaves me feeling bitter and short changed.
Even with all this dislike, however, Stranger Than Fiction is one of my favourite movies. Why? Maybe it helps that Maggie Gyllenhaal is in it and I would watch anything and everything with her in and and come away rambling about how radiant she looked or some other snobbish drivel that really just translates into nothing beyond I am pretending to not be weird. At the core of it though is Ferrell is truly an incredible actor when he breaks away from the outlandish over the top performances.

And so I find myself hyping myself up to see this.

I really hope it doesn't let me down.

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